Minivans rental in Astana is a common service, since a minivan is a cross between a passenger car and a minibus.

It will be convenient for meetings and departures of small companies at the airport or train sta-tion, for transportation of large items, for newlyweds, as well as simply for those who want to take a tour or walk around Astana and the region.

We also accept applications for long-term rental and rental of minivans with a driver from organ-izations and individuals on corporate terms. Minivans in our company are also divided into com-fort and elite class.

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  • Mercedes Sprinter VIP

    10000 KZT 8000 KZT

    The Mercedes-Benz VIP Sprinter minivan is a great option for transporting small groups of high-ranking guests. A high level of technical equipment and a spacious cabin layout provides the most comfortable conditions for traveling over various distances.

    The capacity of vehicle 12-seater
    Price/hour from 3 500 KZT

  • Mercedes Viano

    12000 KZT 10000 KZT

    The business class minivan will be the best option for traveling with business partners and friends. Comfortable interior design and functionality of the Mercedes-Benz Viano will create all the necessary conditions for your comfort and safety.

    The capacity of vehicle 6-seater
    Price/hour from 4 500 KZT

  • Volkswagen Multivan

    10000 KZT 8000 KZT

    A minibus with a driver may be needed for excursions, for business trips, or just for exploring the city in a large company. The six-seater Volkswagen Multivan is ideal for those who no longer fit in sedans, but still, do not want to travel by public transport. Hire or rent Volkswagen Multivan in Astana right now.

    The capacity of vehicle 6-seater
    Price/hour from 4 000 KZT